What is The Nort​​hwest Classic
Car Challenge: Rally?

   The Northwest Classic Car Challenge (NWCC) Rally, is a Time-Speed-Distance (TSD) rally for classic cars that has been run by the Alfa Romeo Owners of Oregon since 1988. It is one of the oldest continuously run classic car TSD rallies in the US. Since the beginning, the NWCC has been a fundraiser for the club and local charities and a way for classic car enthusiasts to enjoy their cars in the spirit of friendly competition on the beautiful roads of Oregon and Washington. From its inception until his passing in 2019, Portland car dealer and race car driver Monte Shelton was the name sponsor who created a legacy that our new and exciting name sponsor, Vintage Underground, will continue. Over time the event has evolved from defining the route by placing arrows on trees to a sophisticated, national-class event attracting teams from around the United States and western Canada. Whatever the changes, the spirit has remained true to its origins.

   The NWCC is typically run the first weekend in August and takes place over four days, beginning with registration and a welcoming party on Thursday night. The rally itself starts on Friday morning, ending at a destination hotel, where it resumes the next day, ending Saturday afternoon at the same hotel. Sunday morning is the awards brunch. Friday and Saturday banquets have featured national caliber speakers.

   While the NWCC has always been a classic car rally, that definition has changed over time and will likely continue to evolve. Early on, only pre-1975 sports and GT cars and sedans were allowed. That was expanded to pre-1981 “sports sedans, sports cars and other special interest vehicles.” For this year, there will be two age classes: vintage (pre-1988) and modern (1989 to 2000). The NWCC is anything but stuffy and participating cars have been outside what might be thought of as strictly classic; if you think it’s cool, the organizers probably will, too.

   The NWCC allows teams to choose either of two equipment-based classes: un-aided or “seat of the pants” (SOP) and aided or “Calculator.” SOP teams cannot use any calculators or rally tables, while Calculator teams can use non-programmable four-function calculators, rally tables, rally slide rules and Curta rally calculators. All teams are limited to their original equipment speedometers and odometers; no one may use the average speed function of their car’s computer, even if original equipment.

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